Earth Day Irony

Ah, Earth Day.  The day we all reflect on good old mother earth.  The day tons of people from cities all across the country jump into their cars and drive to some remote farm or park to enjoy the commercialized festivals.

Am I the only one who see the irony in a day dedicated to the preservation of earth being used for needless usage of gas in traveling to these festivals, the needless use of electricity for the PA systems for bands playing at the festivals or the piles of trash generated by handouts, banners used for that day alone, booths, fliers etc etc etc?

I'm glad people want to save the planet and try to keep things clean for generations beyond our own but I think its time people stepped back and think beyond the moment.  These festivals remind me a lot of the Woodstock music festival, the tie dye and music only they leave out the footage of afterwards showing the farm completely trashed with garbage everywhere you look.

Maybe I just don't get the whole point of Earth Day because instead of wasting gas driving across town to listed to some crummy band I otherwise wouldn't want to see singing songs I can't stand wasting electricity on a PA system to assure everyone can hear them and collecting piles of handouts about poison ivy, composting and the many uses of plastic bottles at booths decorated in banners and posters commemorating earth day 2008 I choose to sit home and plant seeds.