Liberal Elitism

Frankly I'm shocked I picked up on this case of liberal elitism before Ed Naile was able to beat me to the punch.  This week in the Telegraph, a Nashua teacher, Nancy Mitchell, wrote a letter reflecting on her thoughts about the teacher contract stand off.  Of course the thought of school competition which would benefit teachers as well as students never crosses her mind, instead the argument is made that something must be wrong with the public for not wanting higher taxes.

Below is an excerpt of the letter, you can find it in its entirety here

It remains a mystery to me how there can be so many McMansions popping up, booming sales of flat-screen TVs abound on the Daniel Webster Highway, and one is hard-pressed to find a parking space at the mall or at any restaurant in the city.

Where is all of that discretionary spending money coming from? And why are those who serve the city begrudged the request for just compensation?

The bigger issue seems to be with adequate funding of the many factions involved. What would we do without those lost souls who still drink alcohol, smoke cigarettes and hope for that Powerball win?

Without them, perhaps none of us could afford
adequate education funding for our children. Our property taxes would be astronomical!

 In other words how dare people prioritize themselves with their money FIRST before the government and it's employees.

Now let's move past the part about McMansions because apparently Nancy isn't aware that along with big houses come big property tax bills which would equate to more tax money for her and others looking to squeeze every last dime from our wallets to get their hand on.  Many of these large McMansions already pay far more in taxes then they use in town services, but the discussion of property taxes on McMansions vs. condos or compact homes is another subject entirely.

Nowhere does it occur to Nancy that the reason property taxes would be astronomical is because of all the things we spend away on.  Many of the school budgets in this state divide out to well over $10,000 in many cases closer to $15,000 per student (note: this is before removing half the budget as the state does to determine it's per student cost).  With roughly one school aged kid in every other house how much spending must occur before we look and say on top of federal, local and state taxes and say we just can't get any more blood from this taxpayer stone?  Apparently in the minds of some, as long as you have money for a TV, a nice house or even just to take yourselves out to dinner taxes aren't high enough.