Spending Caps Coming to a Town Near You

The New Hampshire Advantage Coalition has announced that they will be pushing for amendments to several town charters to institute spending caps.  After learning about this I meet with a representative for this group and signed the petition for Merrimack. 

It's going to be an uphill battle against the tax and spenders but I think what this group is pushing for is fair and balanced.  The idea behind this is that spending will be capped at the rate of inflation to prevent local property taxes from exceeding the annual income of those paying the taxes.

I plan to keep following this push in Merrimack as well as the other towns they are moving forward in and will keep you all posted on the results.   Likewise I will be very interested in hearing and reporting the arguments being made against this as I'm sure many tax and spenders will find reasons to fight it.  Can't wait to hear what those reasons are.