Redefining Famlies

My son discovered an interesting subtlety this week while working on his homework.  He's a bright 6 year old public kindergarten student. His assignment was fairly straight forward consisting of 3 questions.

Question #1 How many people are in your family (you can include grandparents and pets if you want)?

Question #2 What different ways can you group those family members?

Question #3 Draw pictures of your family members.

On the bottom they showed examples in pictures of a family broken out into groups.

Picture #1 shows a mom by herself then a little girl, a little boy, a cat and a dog.

Picture #2 shows a mom, the little girl and the little boy then the cat and dog separated out.

Picture #3 show the mom and little girl and the boy with the cat and dog separated out.

See the problem?  Should be easy to spot, after all a 6 year old picked right up on it.  Here's a hint, who is in a typical family. 

Answer: The dad is missing.  They show a mom with kids but no dad in any of the pictures.  Now you may shrug this off but it is subtleties like this that slowly redefine what people view as a family.  And it is bias such as this that groups like the Fatherhood Collation continue to fight.  We should be encouraging families to stay together and be encouraging fathers to take responsibility for their children.  Instead our public schools put out subtle examples that feed the idea to young minds that fathers are not needed.  This teaches young men that they can father all the kids they want and don't need to stay with the women.  And teaches women that its ok to have children without getting married and without having a dad in their lives to serve as a role model growing up.  Is that what we want?  Is that the type of example we want to set for our kids?  I think we can and should do better.