John Busts Everyone Loses

Right now today I can walk into a bar, buy a lady a drink then if she agrees I can leave with her and proceed to some other location for sex and it is perfectly legal (assuming we are both consenting adults).  I can likewise meet a nice woman in public offer to pick her up, take her out to the movies, dinner and so on then proceed back to another location and have sex and that too is legal.  In fact not only are both of those cases legal there are businesses that thrive on being "hook up" locations.  There are dating web sites profiting by listing married, unmarried, swingers etc all so they can meet each other for the purpose of sexual intercourse.  I can even set up a website where I make money from pictures of myself or others having sex.  This is all considered legal.

But as soon as a consenting male and consenting female choose to skip the dating intercourse or the middleman dating website and choose to exchange sex for the financial profiting of one of the two partners involved in private without photos being splashed onto a website then suddenly its a crime and your face is splashed on the pages of the Union Leader.  And to add insult to injury you and I, the tax payers, have to pay to pushes the Johns for their crime of looking for sex despite their doing no harm to any of us any more so then the person walking into a bar or meeting up over the internet would.

 It seems very hypocritical that anyone could support freedoms such as dating web sites, hook up bars and the likes yet think that the same guy hooking up in a bar is somehow evil if he instead offers the same woman the $30 or so he would have spend that night on drinks directly in exchange for the same outcome.

Polls show as much as 15% of all men have visited a prostitute at one time in their lives and nearly 1 of every 3 single men over the age 30 has.  Between 73,800 and 100,200 are arrested every single year in this country.  Think about that for a second.  If you know single men over 30 chances are that 1 of every 3 is a John, a "criminal" based on our societies rules.  Do you really think these are bad people or is it a bad law making good people into criminals?