Double Standard on Drugs and Education

Recently we've had discussions regarding legalizing of marijuana, during which it came up that if a student is busted with a joint he or she stands to lose all federal grants or scholarships toward their education.

Based on that standard I found it a little shocking to say the least that a teacher from Conway after being arrested for a drug charge gets to keep her job.  The Concord Monitor has the following to say in regards to the agreement with the teachers:

The school board's drug and alcohol policy states that any incidents that take place outside school grounds or away from school activities are separate and off limits from a teacher's or administrator's professional status.

So in other words teachers can booze it up and toke it up without any fear of losing their jobs, yet at the same time we expect students to do not as they do but as they say and stay clean of any drug and alcohol charges.

The hypocrisy here is staggering.