Yankees vs. Red Sox

As a Yankee fan living in Red Sox country I know there are times people get going back and forth about their teams but let this be a public service message to all of you... it's only a game.  No need to run each other down.

When people get this emotional over a game is it any wonder that political discussions get so heated?  A game is just that, while politics are often things that directly impact our lives one way or another.

In an effort to settle the score once and for all, here are ten reasons to make the switch over to the "evil empire" and become Yankee fans and solve the rivalry once and for all.

1) 26 world series rings compared to 7

2) 17 retired numbers compared to 6 (Although 8 was retired twice by the Yankees)

3) Babe Ruth never cursed the Yankees

4) The New York Yankees started as the New York Highlanders and you all know there can be only one!

5) Red Sox never had a candy bar named after their player

6) 18* players inducted into the Hall of Fame as Yankees compared to 11 (of which 4 actually spent more time on other teams) inducted as Red Soxs
* Catfish Hunter couldn't choose so he opted no team on his cap otherwise that would have made 19

7) Goose Gossage going into the Hall of Fame in 2008 while Jim Rice continues to watch.

8) 39 American League Pennant championships compared to 12

9) The Bombers is a much cooler nick name then BoSox.

10) When you have the talent of the Yankees you don't need to hire someone to run around in a green costume to entertain fans.

Look forward to bickering with you all in a bar or pub sometime over the remainder of the season... please don't run me down!