Candidate Response: Morey Straus

As I offered when sign ups began for state rep I will be posting responses to the questions I posted here for any state rep hopeful that responds.  I will post them all exactly as you see here with no commentary in the main article (aside from a reminder on top such as this).  If you would like to have your responses posted here email them to me at

Candidate Response: Morey Straus

1) What do you see as the biggest problems facing our state right now?

I have chosen to focus on three core issues that I believe have a significant impact on nearly every resident: the economy, health care, and drug prohibition.  In each case, the government has exacerbated what would otherwise be lesser concerns.

2) What do you propose as solutions to those problems?

The economy can thrive if only government would get out of the way.  Through taxes and regulation, the people of New Hampshire are saddled with paying large tributes to the state and discouraged from investing in homes and businesses.

The rising cost of health care is another problem created by government regulation.  Not so long ago, a person might choose to have a pharmacist diagnose a common ailment.  Today, that's illegal.  I want to empower people to make their own choices about where to get advice medical advice.

Drug prohibition ruins the lives of peaceful people, and the unintended consequences are manyfold.  By simply respecting the right of peaceful people to make choices about their own bodies, we can have safer streets, lower prison populations, less taxes and spending, and less addiction.

3) Are there any current state reps you look up to and why?

I admire Rep. Joel Winters.  He has been an outspoken advocate of liberty much of the time.  He's also personable and responsive.

4) If you had to sum up why voters should vote for you in a brief statement what would you say?

If you're looking for real change, don't look to the establishment parties.  I'm the only one in my race offering the freedom of choice to make your own decisions.

5) What do you see as this states greatest advantages over other states?

We have a beautiful state, full of some of the best people I've ever met.  We still have a lower overall tax burden than many other states.  We have a generally less powerful government.  New Hampshire is still a whole lot better than many other places.

6) What are your thoughts on taxes, tolls, fines etc?

I will support all proposed cuts to taxes, tolls and fines.

7) What are your thoughts about working with the other party?

My answer here reflects the fact that I'm trying to break the two party cartel. :) I will work with both the Republicans and Democrats on those occasions when they happen to favor liberty.

8) Do you have any experience with budgets?

In the recent past, I have been responsible for departmental operating budgets in excess of $2.2M.  I hope that by the end of my first term, the state budget will be roughly the same amount. ;)

9) Have you held any other elected positions before?

No, and I'm not planning on making a career of it!  One of the better points of the NH system, relative to other states, is that we have a part-time citizen legislature.

10) Is there anything about anything you would like to say to the readers of NHInsider?

I am more than happy to discuss these or any other issues with your readers.  I can be reached at, or by phone at 603 370 9282.

Morey Straus
Libertarian Party Candidate for State Representative
Hillsborough District 11