Celtics Win! - A Complaint

The basketball playoffs and finals have been quite exciting, a couple nail biters and a blowout... questions on whether the Celtics can go all the way without winning away games... injuries... etc.  And now here they are winning over the Lakers, a classic rivalry like the Yankees vs the Red Sox.  It just doesn't get any better then this.

Ok, so what's my problem with it?  I have a son who loves basketball.  He enjoys playing.  He enjoys watching.  However he hasn't been able to see even 1 minute of the finals.  Game one was on a Thursday night, a school night and didn't start until after he had to go to bed.  Then game two was on Sunday, also late at night.  I mean, come on here, I understand the Lakers are in CA but can't they accommodate for the home team and start the games at a reasonable time for that city?  The kids are the next generation of sports fans.  They are the ones the networks will expect to be watching and enjoying these games in the future yet they focus on prime time for prime ratings not caring about who their future audience is.

Who are sports for if not families?