2008 Liberty Ratings Are Out

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance has released their 2008 Liberty Report card showing which state reps vote for giving more power to individuals and less to government and which support more government and higher taxes.

They define pro and anti liberty votes as follows:

Pro-liberty votes protect individual freedom of choice and personal responsibility, recognize the superiority of freedom over coercion, respect the citizen's right of self-ownership, promote good government, and recognize the value of voluntary economic decisions.

Anti-liberty votes replace self-governance with interventionist ownership, assume agencies backed by force are superior to voluntary choices backed by personal accountability, and assume a better economy can be designed by a central authority that compels communities to pay for policies people do not willingly support.

Here are the full results of the 5th Annual Liberty Ratings

A solid congratulations to Jason Bedrick from Rockingham district 4 for topping the charts this year.

TOP 25 House Reps
Name District Grade
Bedrick, Jason Rockingham 4 A
Sorg, Gregory Grafton 3 A
Hogan, Edith Hillsborough 25 A
Itse, Daniel Rockingham 9 A
Elliott, Nancy Hillsborough 19 A
Tobin, William Belknap 2 A
Wendelboe, Fran Belknap 1 A
Gleason, John Rockingham 5 A
Reagan, John Rockingham 1 A
Manney, Pamela Hillsborough 7 A
Ober, Lynne Hillsborough 27 A
Ober, Russell Hillsborough 27 A
Stepanek, Stephen Hillsborough 6 A
Welch, David Rockingham 8 A
Hawkins, Ken Hillsborough 18 A
Ingbretson, Paul Grafton 5 A
Thomas, John Belknap 5 A
Day, Russell Hillsborough 7 A
Kurk, Neal Hillsborough 7 A
Lund, Howie Rockingham 5 A
Renzullo, Andrew Hillsborough 27 A
Weyler, Kenneth Rockingham 8 A
Soucy, Connie Hillsborough 17 A
Allen, Mary Rockingham 11 A
Baldasaro, Alfred Rockingham 3 A

BOTTOM 25 House Reps
Name District Grade

Shurtleff, Stephen Merrimack 10 CT
Wallner, Mary Merrimack 12 CT
Forest, Armand Hillsborough 17 CT
Ginsburg, Ruth Hillsborough 20 CT
Solomon, Peter Grafton 10 CT
Butcher, Suzanne Cheshire 3 CT
Cunningham, Howard Carroll 3 CT
Osborne, Jessie Merrimack 12 CT
Rollo, Michael Strafford 2 CT
Buco, Thomas Carroll 1 CT
Butynski, William Cheshire 4 CT
Cooney, Mary Grafton 7 CT
Day, Judith Rockingham 13 CT
Hackel, Paul Hillsborough 21 CT
Jean, Claudette Hillsborough 25 CT
Knowles, John Hillsborough 27 CT
Knowles, Mary Ann Hillsborough 27 CT
Marshall, Seth Hillsborough 23 CT
Pantelakos, Laura Rockingham 16 CT
Schulze, Joan Hillsborough 26 CT
Snow, Richard Rockingham 1 CT
Tilton, Joy Merrimack 6 CT
Wall, Janet Strafford 7 CT
O'Neil, James Hillsborough 19 CT
Kepner, Susan Rockingham 15 CT