Want to be a State Rep?

Tomorrow, June 4th marks the first day you can sign up to run for state rep.  The filing period is from June 4th to June 13th.  If you would like to run head down to town or city hall and file at your local clerks office.  It takes just a minute to sign up.

Personally I would much rather see an abundance of choices then see either party walk in uncontested.  And if your independent, even better... let's give people real choices this year.

The NH Liberty Alliance has put together a short informational web page (prepared in part by NH Insiders own Matt Simon) with details about becoming a state rep along with requirements.  You can read it over here.

Between now and November I will be doing my best to research as many of those running for public office as possible and writing up what I find.  If you are running for office and would like to contact me you can reach me at lildog@comcast.net .

Any state rep who chooses to respond to the following 10 questions, I will post your answers here in full.  I do reserve the right however to comment after your answer.  While admittedly I lean to the right I will do my best to stay fair and open minded to all who respond.

1) What do you see as the biggest problems facing our state right now?

2) What do you propose as solutions to those problems?

3) Are there any current state reps you look up to and why?

4) If you had to sum up why voters should vote for you in a brief statement what would you say?

5) What do you see as this states greatest advantages over other states?

6) What are your thoughts on taxes, tolls, fines etc?

7) What are your thoughts about working with the other party?

8) Do you have any experience with budgets?

9) Have you held any other elected positions before?

10) Is there anything about anything you would like to say to the readers of NHInsider? 

So remember, if you are running for state rep and would like to draw a little more attention to your campaign feel free to email me (lildog@comcast.net) responses to these question along with your name and the town you are running in and I will post them unedited.

I will be doing my best to reach out and contact as many of those running in contested elections as I can and write up short bits about them to help people become more informed about who they are voting for.