DemocRATS Flee From Sinking Ship?

Since 2006 when Democrats took control of all three branches of our state government we've seen uncontrolled spending accompanied by budget deficits, bad law after bad law being pushed through and a compounding problem in regards to our state educational system.  It's no surprise to anyone that sooner or later the problems created by our state government will come back to haunt them.  Could that explain the sudden epidemic of Democratic officials choosing to step down rather then seeking re-election?

Senators Peter Burling, Iris EstaBrook, and David Gottlesman have all stated publicly they would be choosing not to seek re-election.   Majority leader Joe Foster has likewise chosen to step down rather then run again.

Do they see the storm coming as a result of all the bad bills they've managed to pass?  Do they seek to distance themselves from the backlash state democrats will face having failed to solve the education funding problem they promised they would and to dig the state of New Hampshire into a gaping budget hole which they look to borrow their way out of.  It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see we are in trouble and the problems have only just begun.  Of course by stepping down while things haven't fully surfaced and the majority of the voting public isn't even fully aware of the problems we face all these politicians can step back into the light after the fact and paint themselves as solutions for the problems they created in the first place.

Let's look at the records of these outgoing politicians so we can see who we are actually losing once they are gone...

Peter in 2007 had the dishonor of being the lowest rated senator in the state by the NH Liberty Alliance.  Iris, while not scoring complete bottom as Peter did, also managed to pull out an F rating with the NH Liberty Alliance in 2007.David  along with Iris scored just a 24% pro liberty rating earning David an F rating in 2007 as well leaving Joe with the highest of this foursome earning a D rating with the Liberty Alliance, supporting from freedom and less government a mere 34% of the time.  This was a slight step down from their 2006 ratings in which they all scored a D+ rating with David once again the highest with his voting pro freedom and less government 41% of the time.

Ed Naile also wrote an interesting piece detailing some of Iris' finer moments hereIris had also proven in the past that she was not above petty partisan politics voting for things she admits she disagrees with just to be "loyal".

More Burling and Foster stories can be found here showing more of their handiworkSenator Burling applauding the idea that cops shouldn't be able to defend themselves can be found here.

With four of the bottom 13 stepping down can we expect more to follow?  Are they simply taking the easy way out to save face and avoid the inevitable of their being tossed out in a re-election attempt?  Time will tell.