Borrow and Spend

If this doesn't get you hopping mad then either you are a Democrat apologist who will find any reason to excuse your parties behavior or nothing ever gets you mad.

Last night during a special session of the house, Democrats choose to borrow in order to "erase" the deficit they created.

If you just glance at today's papers however you most likely miss the details, after all with headlines like "Lawmakers ok Budget Bill" and "Lynch Budget Measures Gets ok" you'd think life is all nice and dandy.  Of course buried 7 paragraphs deep into the story in the Union Leader you find that Democrats were busy discussing (read as "making up as they go along") rules that should be followed for the special session leading Republicans to try to walk out.  Speaker of the House Norelli in turn ordered the doors locked and refused to allow them to leave until the meeting had accomplished it's goal of "erasing" the deficit.

So they insist on late night meetings without allowing anyone time to rest and mull over the actions proposed, they lock any opposition into the room to force them to participate against their will and then even though they had the cash on hand thanks to past Governors surpluses they choose to instead borrow against future generations to cover their out of control spending... all of this and instead of outrage they get "Lynch Budget Measures Gets Ok" as the morning headlines.

At least one Democrat understood the absurdity of the actions.  From the Union Leader "Rep. Joel Winters, D-Nashua, said reserve funds make the bonding unnecessary."

Where are the Democrats who have for the past 7 years now railed against Bush borrowing and spending away our children's futures?  Where are all the cries for fiscal responsibility?

Folks, NH voters voted for change and that's what we've got too bad it's change in such a wrong direction.