Are You An Informed Voter?

We'd like to think we all were informed voters, right?  Well here's a little quiz for you...  Stop for a second right now and try to think, can you name the first 5 Amendments to the Constitution without looking them up? 

Took me a moment but I was.  Although admittedly I did mix up numbers 3 and 4.  If you can you are one out of one thousand.  Heck, most Americans couldn't even name the 5 freedoms granted within the First Amendment alone.  Only one in four could name more then just one freedom.  And forget the State Constitution.

Let's face it, most people glaze over when you start discussing the finer points of government or dive into details of bills currently being discussed at the state house.  Most voters aren't even aware of the biggest problems facing our state which is why I'm sure there is such little public outcry when the government resorts to dubious practices to solve such problems.

Maybe that's why this country is in such a mess.  We're so busy arguing who's better Bush or Kerry that very few actually step back and realize that neither is actually a good choice.  Yet there are those who are convinced we would be far better off today if Kerry had won.

How can our democracy continue on when the vast majority of those casting a ballot don't even know the simplest things about our own government?  How can we expect good leaders when more people can name the 3 stooges then can name the 3 branches of our government?

The problem exists yet neither party wants to fix it.  Some even seek to make it worse.

Until this problem is realized and we move past partisan party politics I fear the best we can hope for in the upcoming future are more details about which is better, Bush or Kerry type politicians.

I'd like you all to challenge yourselves today to strive to be better voters.  Here's a short quiz to see where you stand.

1) Name the 5 freedoms from the 1st Amendment

2) Name the first 5 Amendments to the Constitution

3) Name the 3 branches of Government in the US 

4) Name any 2 sitting justices on the US Supreme Court

5) Name any 5 articles of the NH state Constitution

Write down your answers and see how well you do.  If you don't know the answers take the time to read up a little.  Strive to become an informed voter.