Summer of Preachy Movies

Summer is the time of movies.  All the Hollywood blockbusters are rolled out in hopes of attracting viewers.

Over the past few weeks of summer I've seen a couple of the movies with friends and family and while most of the movies I've seen have been quite enjoyable I've noticed they've become very preachy.  I don't doubt for a second that this is because it's an election year so of course Liberal Hollywood wants to make sure the issues they see as important are in the backs of everyone's minds.

So let's start examining some of the movies they've pushed out so far, and a warning in advance this will contain spoilers so if you want to avoid any plot revelations or details of movies you haven't seen you may want to proceed with caution.

First off is the kids hit Wall-E.  Over all it was a great movie.  Very enjoyable and kids loved it but don't let Pixar fool you, it is an environmentalist flick.  They are however honest.  They show in the ads that Wall-E is a robot built to clean up the earth's trash.  What the ads don't show though are the humans in the movie have degenerated down to fat blobs that can't even move out of floating chairs and live life sucking down products from "Buy In Large" and not looking past the computer monitors hung inches from their faces.  Even babies float around with their own monitors while being cared for by robots.

As I said though Wall-E was open for the most part that you would be paying to see a public service message telling us to go green.  The subliminal slams on Wall Mart (Buy In Large) and obesity were unexpected but ok I can live with that.

Then there was Get Smart.  As a fan of the original TV show I was greatly looking forward to this one but again the sneak in some subliminal preaching.  Maxwell Smart goes on and on in a couple scenes about how he was obese.  Preaching about health was the extent of it so again not that big a deal.

But this leaves us with the worst offender of all, The Happening.  This was by far the biggest disappointment I've seen in a while.  M. Night Shyamalan has done some great movies until now but my only guess for this one is after shooting the first 20 minutes he went drinking and in a black out signed a contract with Al Gore to have him finish the movie.  Beyond the  10 or 20 over the top death scenes shown in great detail there wasn't much to this movie other the scene after scene preaching how plants are fighting back because humans are such a threat to them.  There were not twists in the plot, not great revelations at the end... nothing beyond plants killing people because we're a threat.  Great, thanks for nothing M. Night!  If I want to see movies with plants killing people I'll rent Evil Dead.

I'm almost afraid now to see the new Batman because I'm sure they'll put in a couple scenes explaining that if the government covered everyone's health care, the mentally ill people like the Joker wouldn't be roaming the streets.

Why does Hollywood feel they have to put messages into the movies when all we want is to just be entertained?