Democrats want MORE of your money

Democrats continue to push for more and more ways to raid your wallet.  They've proven this time and time again calling for additional taxes such as Income or Sales tax which would allow them to mask how much is actually taken.  They try to stifle free speech by seeking to ban the "pledge" so they can run candidates without having to be open about the fact they want to create new taxes.  But it wasn't until I read a page on Granite State Progress and their emailed press release that I really saw how low they'd go.

Click here and read the webpage for yourself first.

Where to begin?  I guess at the beginning right... They mention tax caps have been tried in other states and communities yet they give no specifics about where and when.  Could it be they don't want you to read up on them because you'd see they either aren't the same as what is being pushed for here in NH or that they actually did succeed in curbing government waste (which would be a failure in the minds of this type of Democrat).   I was listening to 96.9 FM talk the other day on my lunch hour.  They were discussing the initiative in MA right now to eliminate income tax, which is raising many of the same arguments we're seeing in reaction to the spending cap push here in NH.  One of their mid day commentators argued that the only way to stop government waste and to prevent situations such as what happened with Albert Arroyo who openly abused the system and to this day even after being exposed continues to get a check from the MA tax payers.  How else other then cutting off access to your wallet can you really send a message that you aren't ok with them wasting your hard earned money?

Getting back to the Progressives, they then claim that cutting off massive amounts of spending (which can still be done as the cap proposals all have loopholes to allow for it) would "provide more fodder for the conservative political machine". Excuse me?  How exactly would preventing Democrats from having their way with our wallets equate to political fodder for Conservatives?

Then comes this gem... " What our communities need is a cap on gas prices, not an attack on our quality of life."  So telling the government they cannot have more of the money you work so hard for is an attack on our quality of life?  Maybe the quality of life of those who live off the money the rest of us earn but personally, if I were able to keep more of what I work so hard to earn I guarantee that my quality of life would go up and I'd be willing to bet by the amount of work I am saving to have done to my house that those I hire to do the work will see an increase in the quality of their lives too since they'll have that much more money in their pocket.  But let's not over look that "cap on gas prices" comment.  Oh yes, that's rich.   Maybe someone should ask Democrats, why if they would want to cap gas prices are they fighting for higher taxes on gas?

They then claim that spending caps would freeze investments in communities.  So are they claiming we NEED to invest at a rate higher then the rate of inflation every single year?  If so at some point there will be no more blood that can be drawn from the tax payer stone, what will come of us then?  And again they ignore the fact that the spending cap proposals all have loopholes that would allow for higher rates of spending as long as it is justified.

Lastly there's this wonderful statement, "Key supporters also come from the Free State Project, which is encouraging thousands of people to move to our state and press for political changes."  After reading that my sides hurt a bit from laughing but after composing myself I had to ask is that a bad thing?  Is it really that different then what we see happening with extreme liberal states such as MA only in the opposite direction?  MA is one of the few states losing population year after year because people move out of the state due to it's political changes.  Free Staters have chosen NH because we are the state that closest matches their political views and they would like to keep it that way.

The progressives also took the time to write up the following press release:

"The NH Advantage Coalition is pushing an out-of-state plan for restrictive local revenue caps that have been tried in other states and communities with disastrous results, significantly eroding local services," said Zandra Rice Hawkins, Executive Director of Granite State Progress. "The revenue cap doesn't take into consideration the very real costs a community faces, like additional snow removal last winter or the increased cost of gas, and it takes away local community control by using a one-size-fits-all rigid formula. The NH Advantage Coalition needs to stop clowning around with our local budgets."

Dressed as pledging clowns, Granite State Progress will distribute informative flyers to Concord residents and underscore the real impact of a revenue cap by asking passersby to sign pledges to increase the number of potholes in our streets, cut library hours or pledge any other number of possible real outcomes of a revenue cap. Residents will be encouraged to sign-up for an impact analysis to come later this summer.

"I'm participating because I believe residents, as well as politicians, should sign short-sighted pledges," said Sunshine the Clown. "That, and I've always thought that adequate public services were too convenient."

 A revenue cap?  Maybe the liberals should take the time to find out exactly what they are protesting BEFORE sending out press releases that are completely inaccurate such as this one that only results in making them look foolish.  I guess it's only fitting that they are dressing themselves as clowns.

Read the actual details of the spending cap yourself.  You can find them here.  Is trying to hold government spending to no more then the rate of inflation plus the growth in population really that bad?  Is it really something to fear that much?  I guess those who seek more of your money think so.