Candidate Response: Pam Manney

I once again would like to restate my offer to post responses to the questions I posted earlier (found here) for anyone running for state rep.  Since they do not apply to all positions I also offer candidates to email me bios as Pam has done here and I will post them as is without comments aside from a reminder such as this one.  Just email your responses to the questions or a bio to and I will post them up as soon as I get them.

Pam Manney



Born in Manchester, NH, I have been a resident of Goffstown for over 16 years. In that time I have served on the local School Board, Budget Committee and SAU19 School Board and have been an active volunteer for school, town and civic organizations and founded organizations such as Vote Smart Goffstown and the Pinardville Booster Club.

I am currently serving my second term in the NH House of Representatives, Hillsborough County, District 7, serving Goffstown and Weare, NH.

In my capacity as a State Representative, I was elected to serve on the Hillsborough County Executive Committee, which is charged with the ultimate responsibility of appropriating funds for County Operations. I was also appointed to observe County Collective Bargaining Unit negotiations and served on the Building Subcommittee and Court House Security Subcommittee.

Serving on these committees has given me insight on how County operations are currently being run.

I am running for County Commissioner because I believe I can do things in a different way that will lead to better results for the county, county employees and the taxpayers who foot the bill.

My campaign will focus on Open Government, Efficient County Operations, Respect for the voters, taxpayers and employees of Hillsborough County and being a team player with those who work for, do business with and pay the bills for County Operations.

And, as my record shows, I believe in being accessible to constituents.

I will use this experience to provide the most efficient County services, ensuring equity for county employees, while maintaining fiscal responsibility.

1) Campaign promise.

As your County Commissioner, I promise to be:

    1. Fiscally responsible

    2. receptive to the needs and concerns of all my constituents.

    3. helpful, cooperative and forthcoming in relaying information to the public in a timely manner.

    4. a team player who takes all sides of an issue into consideration before making a decision.

    5. Accessible and responsive to constituent inquiries and concerns.

2) Campaign Issues


    1.  Open Government

    2.  Respect for County Employees

    3.  Respect for County Constituents

    4.  Consideration for all impacted by County decisions

    5.  Addressing issues and concerns of County Department Heads

    6.  Being receptive to issues and concerns of county taxpayers and towns

    7.  Providing the best County Services while maintaining a level tax rate.

    8.  Balancing the needs of those receiving services with the ability of those paying for it (taxpayers).

    9. Retaining County Land for the future use, enjoyment and benefit of all county residents.