Cracks in Lynch's Armor?

There's no question about it, Lynch is the golden boy of NH politics.  The press love him, maybe that's why he's always at their photo ops.  He's a good looking guy as far as politicians go.  And when you talk to him he's very likable.  When he was first elected he had a Republican government serving under him which blocked many of the bad bills from ever reaching his desk.  Put this all together and there's no wonder his approval ratings often came in in the high 50s or low 60s percent range.

But something happened.  In 2006 Democrats won control of all three branches of the NH government.  All the things Republicans prevented from reaching his desk started getting there and worse yet, he started signing them!  By the end of 2007 people started to become aware of this and for the first time since being elected, his popularity dropped below 50%.  Again in June of 08 his ratings once again came back under 50%.

So why is Lynch, the golden boy, suddenly falling out of grace?  My guess is the answer to the following question proposed by the American Research Group:
"Do you approve or disapprove of the way John Lynch is handling the economy here in New Hampshire?"

Only 39% say they approve.  Even with Democrats Lynch fell flat on his face with only 44% approval. 

When you add to that how few people are even aware we have a deficit problem in the state I'd guess even fewer people would support him if they turned off the Simpsons and watched the news once in a while.

Of course discussions such as those being spurred on by groups like the NH Advantage Collation with their push for spending caps isn't helping Lynch either.  It's bringing to light the deficit problems and spending problems we currently face in NH.  Maybe that's why rather then focusing on discussion actual facts they are dressing like clowns and misrepresenting facts or attacking people directly instead of focusing on discussions of the facts (seen here and here).  I guess when your party is directly responsible for the kinds of spending increases we've seen here and chooses to sweep it under the table by bonding it which essentually passes the debt off to future NH tax payers and continues to push for an income tax and other new forms of taxation it's best not to bring up the facts about the issues.

The democrat record in NH (thanks to Cal Pratt for compiling - EDIT: SEE CORRECTION IN FIRST POST BELOW!)...

2007 (Taxes & Fees Listed in HB 1 & 2)
•   Increase in tobacco tax by .28 cents per pack
•   Increase in the wild turkey fee from $5 to $15 for residents, and $5 to $30 for nonresidents
•   Increase in the nonresident fee for moose permits to $450
•   Repealed communication tax exemption, increasing residential phone rates
•   New $25 filing fee for court proceedings
•   Increase in registration fee for all automobiles of at least $6 per year
•   Increase in motorcycle registration fee by 25%
•   Increase in tractor trailer registrations
•   Increase of fees for reviewing terrain alterations from $500 to $1250
•   Increase of fees for shoreline structure application from $100 to $200, plus impact fee increase
•   Increase of fees for impact dredge and fill projects application from $100 to $200
•   New $25 fee assessed on each property transaction recording for LCHIP
•   HB 2 tax shifts to the county tax payers all future responsibility for nursing homes
•   Increase of fees for hazardous waster management by $2500 (HB 472)
•   New fee for meals and rentals licenses (HB 599)
•   Increase of registration fee for mortgage servicing companies (SB 161)

•   New tax on cigars by putting them under cigarette laws (HB 1309)
•   Increases the tax on both diesel and regular gasoline for cleanup fund (HB 1426)
•   Increases the tobacco tax by .25 cents per pack (if $50M is not raised by Oct-SB 321)
•   Increases tobacco licensing fees (SB 317)
•   New fee for certain cases in the judicial family court (SB 350)
•   Increases certain motor vehicle fees (HB 1596)

Is it any wonder why the popularity is slipping?