Joel Winters - The Man Everyone Loves!

It was pointed out in responses I've received from different candidates that Joel Winters was named as someone they respect.  This was uniform through responses from Democrat, Republican and Independent alike.  So what is it about Joel that makes him well respected across the board?  I have my theories. 

For one he has integrity.  Listen closely to him sometime.  His views are based on sound beliefs and even when you disagree with him he is able to articulate why he has the stance he has.  As with most political beliefs his views come down to one basic stance, don't force your will on others.

He knows and understands the Constitution.  This is a rare trait in elected officials.  Joel stands up to defend not only the portions of the Constitution the Republicans step on but that Democrats step on as well.

He thinks for himself.  While Joel identifies himself as a Democrat (I'd personally call him a Constitutionalist like myself) he isn't afraid to stand up against his own party when they are wrong.

When he disagrees with you he explains himself in full and doesn't get personal.  A perfect example of this was his letter to the NHLA explaining why he feels they slant to the right (as some posters here have likewise suggested).  He gave sound arguments and suggestions for improvements which he believes would help make their rating system fairer rather then just discount them as something not to be believed (for the record he scored a B with them which is a nothing to be ashamed of).  To my knowledge they are looking into implementing as many of his suggestions as possible (since not every vote is a roll call vote it does tie their hands a bit as far as what bills they can rate on).

Lastly and most importantly he's a good honest person.  In all the times I've listened to him speak in hearings or spoken to him one on one I've never questioned the validity of what he says nor have I ever felt he was trying to put one over with slick talk or partial facts unlike many other politicians I've dealt with.

I can't think of any state rep more deserving of re-election then Joel and I hope Conservatives, Liberals and moderates alike join me in this line of thinking and overwhelmingly vote to keep him in our state house.