A Small Voice in a Crowd

This past weekend Merrimack celebrated Independence Day (although they referred to it as the 4th of July Celebration... funny they don't call their other Parade the December 25th Celebration).  The parade was scattered with political candidates and political groups loaded with their volunteers.  It was no surprise that the Democrats had huge numbers as they spend the past two weeks calling every registered democrat in every close by town trying to get them to march with one of the candidates.  My wife, a registered Democrat, must have received at least 6 phone calls the week of the parade alone promising free tee shirts if she'd march.

I sat watching each candidate march by impressed by the fact that my two children knew who most of them were and were even able to identify something about each one.  I guess that comes from living in a politically active bipartisan house.

When our Governor John Lynch approached I waited expecting my daughter (age 4) to mention that she wears an adult sized Lynch campaign shirt as a nightgown (a fact she proudly told Governor Lynch on one of the occasions she meet him in the past to which he brushed her off to shake hands with those of voting age), instead she screamed out at the top of her little lungs "Stop spending our money!".  John Lynch stopped and looked back clearly hearing her little voice standing out in the crowd.  He then turned and continued walking and waving.  She then yelled a second time to make sure he heard her, which I'm fairly certain he did.  At that point she looked up at me and asked, "daddy, why is he still smiling."  Someone sitting near us looked over and joked, "he's a politician, it's what they do."  And for the record, I didn't even put her up to doing it.  She did it all on her own.

Several other people sitting around us that we talked to after the event congratulated her for having the guts to speak out what they too wanted to tell the Governor.  One even joked she should have yelled about the tolls too.  Based on the comments from those around us in the crowd I'd have to guess every Democrat willing to support the candidates was already marching in the parade.

I guess she wont be getting a new Lynch nightgown any time soon.