Hiding From Public View

There is a growing trend with NH Democrats, they continue to seek ways to avoid discussing where they stand on issues and continue to attempt to silence discussions that would highlight  their views that conflict with the public interests.  If it were merely one person in the Democratic party doing this I'd say they personally were at fault but it goes much further then one person.  It's a concerted effort by the entire party. 

Could it be that they realize the public doesn't support their stances on the issues and they can't win running on their true views?

I present to you, my readers, the following evidence:

Their refusal to openly discuss idea, hiding from questioning, and seeking to prevent discussions of issues they are clearly on the wrong side of should be a huge red flag to most voters.  Ask questions and demand answers of those running for office and send a strong message to those who support this type of behavior preventing voters from knowing who or what they are really voting for... vote them out!