Is Patrick Henry Dead?

Of course Patrick Henry the man is dead, he died June 6th 1799 but a recent discussion I had off line has me wondering if his spirit died in this country.  America was founded by revolution.  Men like Patrick Henry stood up to oppression and demanded a better way.  They risked their very lives for what they believed in.

Does that same spirit exist today?  Are there people willing to put their neck on the line to stand up to corruption?

We've grown complacent as a country, that much is certain.  We almost all agree our government sucks and our taxes are way too high but no one does anything about it beyond bitch and complain to neighbors and friends.  A small handful may go so far to even complain on a public forum or even write a letter to the editor which others will read and nod in agreement with but where are the people going that one step further?  Where are the people going beyond complaining and actually trying to do something about it?

Once in a while you still see people make a stand but they are far and few between and when they do we see time and time again the powers that be attack back.  People being so loyal to one party or another find reasons to defend their side when their party attacks those who make a stand often times ignoring blatant hypocrisy of their own parties.  A perfect example of such behavior is found right on NHInsider's own forum found here

The "Change" we need as a nation isn't someone who gives slick speeches while continuing to be embedded in the same political system causing the problems in the first place, no the change we need as a nation are more people willing to stand up for what is right.  People willing to tell the government we've given enough and we refuse to allow you to continue raiding our pockets for empty promises.  Those who benefit at our expense will always be there supporting those who will give them the contents of our pockets.  Those who live off the government will continue to support the system they benefit from.  The rest of us however need to stand up and say enough.

We need Patrick Henry!