John Edwards - Oh the Shame

Seems Edwards is the story of the week.  Everywhere I turn it seems he's being discussed or attacked.

Personally I don't see it as much more a story then say a story discussing who Brad Pitt is dating this week in that it isn't a story.  The guy messed around on his wife.  That's an issue between him and her and it should end there UNLESS it is shown somehow to have effected his job as an elected public official or if a law was broken.

Bill Clinton was getting his whistle blown while on the phone with heads of state which makes his affairs with Monica a national issue.  I don't know about you but I would hate to think that the president deciding whether or not to put my son or daughter into harms way is focusing more on an intern then the people he's on the phone with.  Nor would I want to think that all it would take is a slutty intern willing to do nasty things to be able to spy on sensitive conversations.

Edwards however hasn't been shown to have sunk to that level.  He cheated on a sick wife in her time of need.  A low move yes, but not a national issue.  It's too bad our media isn't focusing this much attention on the real issues on hand.