Attacks on the Anti Tax Groups Continue

I read an article recently in the Boston Harald about the anti tax fighters in MA. who have been struggling to end the state income tax.  You can find the article in full HERE.

When I first read the article this line featured right at the start jumped out at me:

In fact, Libertarian activists Carla Howell and Michael Cloud took in nearly $200,000 in consulting fees for two anti-tax ballot initiatives and work on their political campaigns over the past six years.

Wow, $200,000 in consulting fees.  I thought after reading this that clearly I'm in the wrong line of work.  I was shocked and appalled.  How could people take that much money from those disparate for smaller government and lower taxes?

It wasn't until I discussed the article with a group of libertarians that it finally hit me... $200,000 between TWO people over SIX years.  That's only $16,666 a year.  When you factor in how much work those doing this full time actually do, taking time to show up at hearings when many of us are at work, taking time getting signatures on petitions, filing paper work also during work hours etc the fact they do this for only 16k a year which isn't even enough to live on isn't so shocking.  If they were to work an average of 40 hours a week they would be making a mere $8 an hour.  The article goes on to point out they actually worked 80 hour work weeks so in reality it would be $4 an hour/

So $4 an hour is "paying off" according to this journalist.  Makes me wonder how much other political activists are "pocketing" for their work.  How much do the Health Care Voter people make?  Or the paid Hillary supporters who show up holding signs on her behalf?

Clearly when you stop to think about the article it is nothing more then an attack piece in an attempt to make it sound like Libertarians are cashing in.  I wonder how many others like myself fell for it on first pass?