Two Bad Choices

Like myself many Americans took the time to show up during either the Republican or Democratic primaries and cast a vote in favor of the candidate they saw as the best.  And like myself many Americans now see a race between two candidates they didn't vote for.  Who we voted for and why no longer matters, all that does matter is the choices that are left before us.

Enter Barak Obama and John McCain.  Two candidates, both flawed and far from perfect.

Obama has next to zero experience and is the Rorschach candidate putting out generic statements with no substance that allows people to see what they want to see in him.  What actual evidence there is of his true views and stances is all bad showing complete disregards for tax payers and the constitution.

McCain on the other hand is older then dirt.  People question whether or not he'll even make it through his first term much less consider running for a second.  And while he does have a decent record for voting to curb government spending he has a poor record for supporting our Constitution.

After looking into both men I've come to the conclusion that McCain is slightly less bad then Obama but I'm certainly not going to get excited about him.  What I wonder about are those who are excited about either of them.

Most McCain supporters I've meet are like myself, they simply see him as less bad over all.  Obama supporters however are a different story.  Those I've spoken with are often uninformed and are simply riding the hype more then anything else.  They listen to Obama speak in generalities and hear what they want to hear and they swoon over his charismatic image, but most can't give details about where he stands or what specifically about him they support.

Have we degraded to MTV politics where a little flash and sound bytes are all it takes to win us over?

So what do you do if you are like me and see both as a bad choice?  I guess the only choices are to hold your nose and vote for the one less bad or not vote at all, then work your butt off for the next 4 years to make sure the other party actually puts up a decent choice for once.  Someone who actually supports and defends the Constitution, someone who will help curb the out of control growth of Washington and allow more Americans to keep that what they work so hard for.