NH Senate Race 2008

Recently I raised the question what are we looking for in a candidate, after today's headlines I'm left wondering even more what people are looking for.

According to a new poll released by the Rasmussen Group, Shaheen currently leads over Sununu by 11 points, 51 percent to 40 percent.  The question is why?

People who favor lower taxes should be backing Sununu as he continually scores very high ratings with the National Tax Payers Union proving he keeps spending downIn 2006 John Sununu came in with the highest score in the nation.

Meanwhile Shaheen created the first state wide property tax in NH and pushed for a sales tax on top of it.

Do NH voters want more spending on the federal level?

Regarding education, which I would think would be an issue for anyone with kids, Shaheen again scored poorly.   Education Weekly scored Jeanne with a D rating for improving teacher quality, even blocking a bill that would have allowed schools to more easily remove bad teachers.  Shaheen claims she wants accountability for schools and to push for standards yet when presented with such a bill while Governor she vetoed it.

Sununu meanwhile has been supporting record spending on education on the federal level, a little fact you wont hear Democrats admit as they continue to spout we aren't spending enough.

So are polls telling us NH voters don't care about education?

Of course there are simply those who are still upset with G.W. Bush and the failures of Republican leadership at the top, however even the very liberal Boston Globe is willing to point out Sununu "often goes against the GOP grain".

So what is it folks?  What exactly are people looking for that they seem to be finding in Shaheen as a better choice then Sununu?