Obama Biden Ticket

Joe Biden?  Really?

I doubt very much that Republicans could have picked a more perfect choice for Obama's VP then Biden.  Ok, maybe Kucinich but Biden will do nicely.

For starters Biden proves all the criticism about Obama is true and best yet, Obama has validated it 100%.  Obama lacks the experience to be president of America.  Obama has tried very hard to shy away from discussions about experience.  He did slip up once when asked which Supreme Court Justice he would NOT have nominated and why, to which he started to say Clarence Thomas lacked experience then quickly backed away  from the comment.  You can hear it yourself here

"I would not have nominated ah Clarence Thomas. Ah I don’t think that he ah .. ah .. ah  I ..  I … I don’t think that he was an exp … ah, a strong enough jurist or legal thinker …"  (don't you just love how he sound worse then Bush when he doesn't have a teleprompter, you wont hear Democrats admitting to that one though)

By picking Biden as his VP he's essentually agreeing that HE doesn't have the experience, which is true and that he needs his Dick Chaney at his side.  He's created the exact situation Democrats blasted Bush for over the past 8 years.  Although unlike Bush who was a Governor and ran several businesses, Obama hasn't had a single leadership role he can take credit for.

Next, Obama has been running on change.  We continue to hear democrats claim we are worse off then we were 8 years ago (which I plan to discuss in an upcoming article) yet Obama has brought on to his ticket a Washington insider who's been part of the establishment nearly Obama's whole life.  Joe Biden is as far from change as you can get.

Then we move on to Iraq, this until now was Obama's only saving grace.  He was the anti war candidate who would end the war.  So what's he do?  He chooses as his VP Joe Biden, a man who supported Iraq in the beginning when it was popular to do.

Prior to the war Biden stated in USA today "we go in and take out Saddam, and we don't decide to stay there and help reconstruct a situation that's stable, then we may be worse off than we were before".  This nullifies everything Obama has claimed about supporting our getting out of Iraq ASAP.

And with Biden being very close to McCain in age, he can't even use that against his Republican rival any longer without making his own choice look poor.  What's going to be interesting to watch is how the Hillary Clinton Democrats react to the "old white guy" as some liberals have referred to McCain.

Seriously, are the Democrats trying to lose this November?