McCain Palin Ticket

Palin?  Sarah Palin?  If nothing else McCain accomplished the goal of getting the media to focus on him directly after Obama's big moment at the Democratic National Convention.  But Sarah Palin?

Is she the choice that will put him over the top?  Clearly she's going to draw in a lot of the women who originally backed Hillary for the sole reason of wanting a woman in the White House but is that going to out number the voters this choice turned off?

McCain, unlike Obama has experience so he didn't need a VP to counter his own weakness on that front as Obama did.  He did need youth though to balance out for his age.  She's 4 years younger then Obama so he accomplished that.  Regarding experience however, while she doesn't have a lot she does have higher quality experiance actually serving in leadership roles and running government on a state level.  Obama hasn't had leadership roles.

McCain has been viewed as too moderate by many conservatives (although I'd personally disagree), she's viewed as strongly conservative so he's accomplished another win there.

She lacks name recognition although with her being the first woman nominie on a Republican presidencial ticket that will soon cure itself and by the end of next week everyone will know her name.

She's definitely down to earth and blue color enough to win over voters looking for an "average Joe" they can identify with having actually gotten her hands dirty (and in one case broken) on fishing trips.

Her husband being part Eskimo will also be a plus in their favor with people who vote based on race.

Can she handle herself in front of the media?  Does she have skeletons in her close?  It will be interesting to watch the next few weeks as she's fleshed out a bit by the media.

And with the Obama camp hurling insults playing to his image as a sexist it doesn't hurt McCain either.

"Today, John McCain put the former mayor of a town of 9,000 with zero foreign policy experience a heartbeat away from the presidency" was the statement by Obama campaign spokes person Bill Burton

Does he realize Obama has next to zero foreign policy experiance and unlike McCain/Palin, Obama is the TOP of their ticket.  Also note that they ignore her current experiance of Governor which makes her slightly more qualified then Obama and instead mention past experiance.

Over all I'd say this is more a win then loss for the McCain camp and will certainly make for interesting dinamics in this race going forward.