The Obama Show Staring Hillary Clinton

The question that needs to be asked now that the Democratic Convention has wrapped up is did Obama and the Democratic party do what needs to be done to win in November?

There are the Clinton voters, did he win them over?  The hardcore democrats were his from the start but what about moderates and independents?  There were those who supported Hillary just because of the idea of a woman in the White House, McCain just took the wind out of that sail.  And neither Hillary nor Bill said anything that would swoon their supporters over to Obama or address concerns they personally had risen about his lack of experience.  Bill's closest comment was:

"Barack Obama is ready to honor the oath, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States."

Sure he's ready to "honor the oath" but is he ready to do the job?

Hillary spoke more about herself then Obama and the fact that I saw more news sites discussing the Clintons and their statements about Obama and whether or not they swung their supporters his way or not leads me to beleive Obama did not delive what needed to be delivered.  He needed the press to talk about him coming out of the convention and how he shined.  Instead he gave a well scripted speech that played well to his supporters but did nothing to delive those he needs to win.  

I have to hand it to Bill and Hillary though, they are clever.  They did what they accomplished in setting up the stage for a 2012 run for Hillary.  They didn't alienate Obama Democrats but they did more to take the focus off of Obama and put it on themselves then anything else.  Hardcore Democrats of course would never see that as their motivation as they want to believe that Hillary wants what's best for the party instead of what's best for herself.  Don't kid yourself.

McCain's choosing to anounce his very controvercial and suprising pick of VP the day after Obama's performance will only help suck the wind out of any momentum Obama could have hoped to have gained coming from the convention.

The weekend after the Democratic convention should be a blaze with news about the Democrats for it to be considered a success.  Sorry but with a played to base performance, Clintons suck air and McCain's announcment I just can't see it as anything but a loss for the big O.