Send in the Marine

I think we can all agree Lynch is a very likable guy.  He's a friendly chap who's quick to show up when your town is having a parade, he never misses a photo op (unless it's for a military honor like the USS New Hampshire), and if you want something he'll never say no.  In fact that's his problem, he just can't say no.

After gaining the majority for the first time in 85 years Democrats went hog wild in NH pushing a budget with 17.5% spending increases with more spending then Lynch had originally thought necessary... he couldn't say no.

Democrats expanded the size of the state government increasing state employment by 3.8% with nearly 1000 more employees then we had just 6 years ago... once again Lynch couldn't say no.

And what is perhaps the biggest problem, democrats have pushed in laws far more liberal then that of even Massachusetts such as repealing parental notification laws in NH so now a 13 or 14 year old child can walk into planned parenthood and get an abortion without their parents even knowing about it (compare that to MA which not only has parental notification but requires parental consent)...  Bad law after bad law comes across Lynch's desk and even then he couldn't say no.

And when the state Democrats after realizing they've dug a spending hole so deep they couldn't get out of it no matter how high they raised fees and taxes he once again couldn't say no when they choose to pass the debt off to future generations of tax payers by bonding it.

Nice guy, yes but not a leader.  A leader is someone with enough integrity to stand up and say NO when they know something isn't a good idea and if things continue down the path they are going now people will be looking to move to MA as a more conservative, fiscally responsible state.

What's the solution?  Well as with most problems, when times get tough and you need someone tough enough to handle the real problems you call in the Marines!

Enter Joe Kenney.

Joe Kenny is a former marine who served in the Gulf war, a state legislature with fourteen years experience earning an A+ rating from the NHLA in 2008 putting him as the 2nd highest rated senator in the state for the year, and a former teacher.

Joe Kenney is a leader and he knows how to say NO!  He has the proven experience to lead us out of the problems we've seen created over the past two years.

Personally I can't wait to see the debates between Kenney and Lynch as I think most of you will see that while Lynch is a swell guy who can't seem to say no, Kenney is the strong leader we are looking for in New Hampshire.