Are Palin's Trooper Problems a Figment of the Left?

We continue to hear the left jumping up and down about the investigation that is currently on going involving Sarah Palin and the officer who was fired.  Democrats have pushed it as if it were the silver bullet meant to take her down... only now the FULL story is beginning to surface.

Mike Wooten is was Sarah's brother in law (since divorced).  He was also a cop.  A 2006 investigation found that he was drinking while operating his state trooper vehicle and on at least one occasion tasered his 10 year old stepson.

Let's face it, if Sarah were Obama's running mate we'd be hearing about how she cleaned house of bad cops and we'd be hearing about how Wooten is lucky he's not in jail for child endangerment.

Since she's a Republican instead we actually see democrats defending this guy.  One Democratic poster on the Nashua Telegraph's forum even stated and I quote directly "The step son asked to be tasered. He wanted to know what it was like."  Seriously?  A 10 year old child asks to be tasered and an adult police officer sees no problem in trying it, and Democrats think this is something to be defended?

CNN reports Wooten's defense of his actions:

He said that he was a new Taser instructor, and his stepson was asking him about the equipment. "I didn't shoot him with live, you know, actual live cartridge," Wooten said.

Instead, he said, he hooked his stepson up to a training aid "with little clips. And, you know, the Taser was activated for less than a second, which would be less than what you would get if you touched an electric fence. ... It was as safe as I could possibly make it."

He said his stepson was on the living room floor surrounded by pillows, that he "was bragging about it," and that the family laughed about it.

If this is the most damning story they can dig up about Sarah Palin and the Democratic VP choice continues to make bone headed moves like the one found in the video linked HERE then I have to wonder if people really know who and what they are supporting when they claim Obama and Biden are the better choices or are they basing that choice off only half the story?