Dems oust Anti 2nd Amendment Candidate

Democrats are typically thought of an the party most against gun rights so it was a bit of a shock to me to see that they themselves ousted one of the most anti 2n Amendment candidates currently in our state government.  Representative Eleanor Kjellman was voted out in the Democrat primary in Henniker, NH this past week.

Eleanor was the state rep who sponsored the anti-constitutional bill seeking to ban guns from PUBLIC state property (HB1354) which made the top 10 list of my bad bills for 2008.  Eleanor also inadvertently voted against her own bad bill and then when it failed 279 to 19 had the audacity to request it be reconsidered as if her mistaken vote cast the correct way would somehow have changed things. Eleanor also earned an F rating with NHLA in 2008 and an F in 2007 thanks to her record of anti-liberty voting which went far beyond trying to eliminate our second amendment rights.

Could this be a sign of things to come?  Are voters waking up on both sides of the isle and starting to reject those politicians who seek to strip them of their freedoms?

Back in June I wrote of other anti-liberty politicians "choosing" to step aside and predicted then that they were doing so because they saw the writing on the wall.  Sure looks like I was right so far and we can only hope to see even more changes in the state.