Letters to the Editor or Media Bias?

Steve MacDonald recently wrote a piece about the letters appearing weekly in the Merrimack Journal/ Cabinet Press being overwhelmingly Democrat.  Let me start by saying he's 100% correct in his observation.  One only needs to go to their website to see this is in fact the case.  The question that should be asked is why?

I don't draw the same conclusion that Steve did in his article regarding media bias because in the past I have written letters to the Journal and they have been published.  They do print letters when they receive them.  Instead my conclusion is that the Democrats are simply writing more then Republicans.  NH Republicans have become complacent.  Democrats meanwhile are pushing and campaigning as hard as they can, they had a taste of victory in 2006 for the first time in over 80 years controlling all three branches.

Since my wife is a registered Democrat we get calls from both parties and I can honestly tell you we've gotten calls no less then once a week and recently nearly once a day from different groups within the Democratic Party.  I've even witnessed Democrats offer to write letters where all you have to do is put your name on the bottom and send it into a newspaper.  They email their supporters and those on their mailing lists frequently with talking points so they know what to use in their letters.  Heck, Democrat supporters don't even need to think, they just sign and submit.

And of course as Steve already pointed out, many of the Democrat figureheads themselves are the ones writing letters.  The of course (as Steve also already pointed out) is often times not pointed out.  I don't fault the paper however for this as I think this may be more of a case of Republicans openly admitting who they are while Democrats trying to pose as an "average Joe" voter.

Republican candidates have actually been going around shaking hands and speaking about where they stand on the issues but they haven't been writing letters slathered down with talking points.  They haven't focused on getting people to stand around holding signs on street corners (in some cases even paying people to do it), handing out cartoon pictures of themselves for kids to color (Deb Pignatelli does this), writing letters that people can just sign and submit or sending out talking points as the Democrats have been doing because Republicans feel that if people actually look at things like voting records, experience and the actual stances of candidates voters will side with Republicans.

Based on recent battle ground poll results you would think voters would be tripping over themselves to support the Conservative candidates over the Liberals considering 60% of those polls responded that they identify themselves as Conservatives while only 36% identified themselves as Liberals.

But not all voters look at voting records and Democrats did learn one thing in 2006, it's all about who shows up.  By writing letters and continually keeping their base excited about their candidates they assure that their base (despite being smaller then the conservative base in NH) will show up on election day and they hope that Republicans will stay home.  In 2006 Republicans were so turned off by Bush that they did stay home, that's what caused the Democrat victory, not because voters wanted socialist, high spending, anti freedom candidates.  Look at the results of the Congressional election between Bradley and Carol Shea Porter...

Carol received 100,837 votes to Bradley's 95,538.  Just two years before Bradley beat Nadeau with 204,836 to 118,226.  That's right the Democrats LOST in 2004 with 17,389 MORE votes then they won with in 2006 because Republicans stayed home.

And look where that complacency got us... 17.5% spending increases in the state house with growing debt and a state government bonding debt to pass it on to our children.  Increasing government regulations and bans on personal choices and freedom.  Abortion on demand for children of any age all done without parents ever having to even know about it.

Maybe Republicans aren't writing letters because they all figure this is just common sense and they know to get out and vote this time around so we don't end up see more of the last 2 years.