That's Not My Merrimack

The Telegraph has a slightly amusing article today bringing light to the fact that Budweiser used stock footage of Hillsboro, NH in a scene from their latest TV ad which claims it to be Merrimack, NH.  This slight gaff inspired me to write the following Real Men of Genius ad in response to Budweiser.

Today we salute you, Mr. stock footage ad guy
When bud put together an ad and needed pictures of Merrimack, NH you ran and got stock footage of Hillsboro, NH instead
(no one will notice)
You figured all it takes to convince the public its Merrimack is a white church and a river
(on the wrong side of the street)
You could have easily used real footage of the beautiful Budweiser plant and stables which would be even more attractive
(who wants to see horses!)
But you instead figured that a random shot taken elsewhere screams New Hampshire instead
(towns all look a like)
And the ad was filmed. So crack open an ice cold bud light Mr. stock footage ad guy, because you were able to redefine an entire NH town in just under 2 seconds
(can and print it!)