Democrats See Bush Everywhere

Democrats have begun reminding me of that old Buggs Bunny cartoon with Steve Bowery.  By the end of the cartoon Bowery is seeing rabbits everywhere and blaming them for all his problems (most of which were brought upon by himself) leading him to leap off the Brooklyn Bridge.

From watching political ads it seems Democrats are seeing Bush everywhere they look.  They link McCain to Bush saying he's more of the same.  They are linking Sununu to Bush trying to claim he's more of the same.  They are even linking Jeb Bradley to Bush saying he is more of the same despite his not being in office the last two years.

As evidence the show pictures of these men with Bush as if federal level politicians would NEVER be seen together.  But wait, here's a photograph of Obama standing right behind BushAnd what about this photo of Bush and Obama shaking hands and smiling.  Are they in league together now too?  Clearly using the logic presented in current running Democratic political ads you would think so.

And then there are the facts they toss out such as Bradley voting 84% in line with Bush.  When you compare to Carol Shea Porter voting 98.1% in line with her own party and the like of Nancy Peloci it's fairly clear to see which of the two is a rubber stamp and which is a clear thinker who sometimes disagrees with the direction of their own party.  Hint: it aint Carol!

I guess when you have no record to run on as is the case of Obama who has voted present instead of taking a true stance well over 100 times and has missed all but about a quarter of the votes that have come up while campaigning or you have a record of supporting high taxes and more spending as is the case with Carol Shea Porter (she received only a 5% F grade rating from the National Taxpayers Union showing she is a very big tax and spender) and Jeanne (never met a tax she didn't like inlcluding income tax) Shaheen the best you can do is attempt at missleading and appear to be running against someone other then you really are.

To all the democrats seeing Bush in everyone and everywhere they look I dedicate this song.