The NH Bailout - Rules need not apply

Last week a little known vote took place in Concord as part of an emergency session.  It was so little know that the bill never appeared on the state's website until after it was passed and the "public hearing" about the bill was unknown to all but the state representatives.

The vote in question was for HB 1653, a bill to take $10 million dollars from the state that's already far into the red and use it for heating assistants for "income-eligible New Hampshire citizens".

Ok, so my question is why was this done as an "emergency".  The only emergency I see is the upcoming election for which heating assistance sure sounds like a nice thing, especially when the vast majority of voters aren't even aware of the budget deficit.  

Why was the text for this bill available on the state's website only AFTER it passed?

At least there were 12 state reps who had the courage to stand up to this and say no.

Here is one letter to the editor from a Dennis Goddard as appeared in the Monitor regarding this bill and it's passage:

Mary Jane Wallner, shame on you!

You were the primary sponsor of HB1653, a bill so urgent that you voted to suspend all rules and pass it, without any public hearing whatsoever.

The bill itself doles out money for fuel assistance. While helping the unfortunate is a worthy goal, that is the proper role of charity - not of government.

The New Hampshire Constitution, Part I, Article 10 is known as the "Right of Revolution". It describes the conditions when the people "ought to reform the old, or establish a new government." And when is that? Why, it is when the government acts "for the private interest ... of any one man, family, or class of men."

You could have acted honorably and led by example, by putting up your own money, and asking others to do the same. Had you done so, I for one would have joined you. Instead, you voted to dole largess out to one class, at the expense of another, thereby abusing the power of government and violating your oath of office.

I echo Dennis' comment, this is nothing more then forced charity at a time when our state doesn't even have the funds needed to cover nessesities.  If people like Mary Jane Wallner want to help then let's see some leadership by example and see DONATIONS!