This Space For Rent

I've come to the conclusion that my wife and I should start renting our lawn out to the highest bidder.  Anyone driving by my house would think the people living there have lost their minds but that I guess is the side effect of a bipartisan household.  Being a Republican and Democrat both living in the same house on a busy road we tend to get candidates wanting to use our lawn space and we each agree to put up signs of those we like. 

This year I think we've reached overload as there is nearly no room left for additional signs.  We're sporting signs for Andy Sylvia (2 signs), John Sununu, Bill Boyd, Jeanne Shaheen (2 signs right next to the Sununu sign), Barack Obama, Ron Paul (sadly I had to take that one down, still considering a McCain sign to replace it even though he's not my first choice) and even a sign for 2006 Libertarian candidate Richard Kahn supporting his lawn care business.  The Obama and Sununu signs are both the large 6 foot bill board type signs too.

Even though I have a couple hundred feet of road footage I'm slowly running out of space so I'm (jokingly) putting the remaining space up to bid.  What say you candidates?  How much for the few square feet I have left along my roadside?