A Culture War?

I often times read left wing websites and news sources because I like to see the arguments from the other side.  Most of the time, even when I disagree I at least see the point they are making.  Recently though I'm having a harder time even understanding how they come to the basis of their arguments.

Enter exhibit A, the article from Tuesday the 13th entitled "Culture War 101: A for Effort" on Blue Hampshire.com.  Now I don't know about the rest of you but when I think culture wars I think of rich vs poor or attacks on religious holidays like Christmas.  From reading their article I don't get any of that.

Here are the facts they put out there:

1) Our Court system is on hold, with a link to THIS article.  To sum this up, the state is putting many trials on hold to build up the number being heard at once.  This allows the state to save over $73,000 by having to hire less jurors.  This can be argued as good or bad since it does save a lot of money but it also strips people of their rights to a speedy trial.

2) Horses are being left unfed and abandoned.  This article discussed people who have lost their homes and jobs and can no longer care for their horses.

3) A kindergarten program is cut from the school budget in Salem, NH.  The Blue article makes it sound like it's a fight against Kindergarten but in reading the article it's clear this is more about unfunded mandates from the state.

So far I see three arguments against spending, nothing about culture, but let's continue...

4) I'm going to quote them exactly on this one so not to distort their statement:

But none of that stopped the UL from trying its level best to gin up the culture wars, replete with suggestive title and figures of how much money you, the taxpayer, will be shelling out to a dirty hippie terrorist.

The article they link to is a story titled "Angela Davis, left-wing radical, to speak at UNH".  Angela Davis is a former member of hate groups such as the black panthers and who was even once a member of the Communist Party USA (she currently describers herself as a "Democrat Socialist) who was tried and acquitted in 1972 for murder and kidnapping.  The murder was of Judge Harold Haley who was shot dead with a weapon registered in Angela's name.

The real controversy is that she is being paid $15,000 for her lecture she will be giving at UNH and that money is coming from your tax dollars.

5) They then take a "shot" at Sununu by posting this quote which they refer to as a "gem":

When Sununu asked audience members who [sic] Obama trusted, one member shouted Ayers' name.

"First big government, then Bill Ayers," Sununu quickly replied.

Personally I don't see the problem with this quote.  Both parts of what Sununu said are factually correct. Obama has a record of being pro big government as evident by his horrible scores (3 Fs and a D) with the National Taxpayers UnionAnd Obama is friends with Bill Ayers, formerly of the Weather Underground.  This is a group responsible for the murder of two Boston policemen.  And it was Ayers whos livingroom Obama choose to use to launch his political career.

6) Then there is a snide comment about Joe the Plumber.

And was Joe the Plumber not able to get to Durham in time?

How does this all fit together as a culture war?  The first four are all evidence of out of control spending and the problems created by the Democrats who control all branches of the New Hampshire government.  And the last two points they make are nothing but attempted attacks that have nothing to do with taxes or culture.