Who Will They Blame When Bush is Gone?

As I was getting ready this past Monday mornging  while listening to Good Morning America, they were interviewing Christopher Dodd about the bank bail out and brought up the fact that the vast majority of our tax dollars that were just handed over to the banks is now unaccountable.  You can see the interview in full here.

Here you have the chairman of the Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs committee who is also a member of the controlling party of both Congress and Senate since 2006, both of which had to sign off on the bail out, basically tossing up his hands saying Bush tricked us.  When Dianne actually called him asking if Bush "tricked" him, his answer was that Bush and company never said what they were going to do with the money.  Sorry but that sounds even worse... Bush doesn't say what he's going to do with nearly $1 trillion of our hard earned dollars and Mr Dodd and the controlling Democratic party had no problems voting yes to just hand it over anyway then complain after the fact?  People if this is the best we have in elected officials from either side then we're in serious trouble!

But listen to the interview, it gets even worse.  Not only is he complaining that Bush tricked him and how we've given away billions we have no idea where they went, he adds insult to injury by saying that when Obama starts giving away our hard earned money, he'll at least do it better asking for some accountability as these huge welfare checks are cut across the nation in an attempt at wealth redistribution.

Here's an idea, how about letting us keep our hard earned dollars ourselves for a change!!!!  Maybe if we had that 30 to 50 percent of our pay checks being forced out of our wallets at the point of a gun we'd be able to bail ourselves out for a change!  Then you wouldn't have to play any blame games when the money is mismanaged, lost, spent incorrectly etc because it would be the actual earner of the money choosing where and how its spent.