Servant to Barack

There is a video going around right now that some of you may have seen in which a bunch of Hollywood liberals make pledges to do various things to help society then end by stating they pledge to be servants to Barack Obama.

Michael Graham posted a link to the video on his blog site found HERE.

He also raises a couple good points.

The idea of a Hollywood celeb pledging to be"a servant to our president" at any point during the past eight years is simply unimaginable. But the rest of these pledges to make America a better place would, one assumes, have been worthy efforts no matter who was president.


Seriously, watch the goofy girl who pledges to plant 500 trees now that Obama is president. Why not last year, lady? What--was George W. hiding your shovel?

Patriotism is loving your country. Obamiatism is loving your country when your fellow citizens do what you want. We're going to see a lot of the latter in the next four years.

One additional point Mr Graham misses however is that the whole concept in the video is completely backwards.

The president is a public servant, meaning he serves us.  You remember 'we the people'?

We are individuals, not servants.  We are not property of the government, nor are we indentured to it in any way.  To suggest so is to suggest that we are not or should not be free.  It is to suggest socialism.

Helping those around you and doing the right things to improve the world should not be subjective based on who's in office, they are just acts of being good Americans. I guess that's the difference between liberals and the rest of us.

And as for me?  I pledge my allegiance to the ideas behind this great country and the Constitution to which our government is expected to follow.  The idea that we are each free to do as we wish and are entitled to whatever level of success we create for ourselves.