UNH Shows Its Bias

Not long ago UNH hosted radical left winger Angela Davis a former member of hate groups such as the black panthers and who was even once a member of the Communist Party USA (she currently describers herself as a "Democrat Socialist) who was also tried and acquitted in 1972 for murder and kidnapping. The murder was of Judge Harold Haley who was shot dead with a weapon registered in Angela's name.  She was paid $15,000 to speak at the school.

This was all well and good and when the right dared question why the school would pay out $15,000 (paid for in your tax dollars) Democrats took it as an insult (see article here).

Several democrat and left wingers defended having open conversations from all sides in the feedback in the Union Leader article about it found here.

Yes, this is my tax money at work. And it's doing just what it should be doing - providing students at UNH with the opportunity to hear a provocative speaker who will challenge their ideas and make them analyze, ponder, discuss and think. It's all part of education, and I applaud UNH for providing the opportunity. Don Josephson

Here we are a few weeks later and a different speaker enters the scene.  The Director of Targeting Solutions from BAE systems, a major weapons manufacturer.

Queue the left wing protests and the refusal to entertain opinions different from their own.

From Democracy for New Hampshire:

The UNH Peace and Justice League, The Durham Students for a Democratic Society, and Seacoast Peace Response will be sponsoring a peaceful demonstration outside the New England Center on Strafford Avenue in Durham. Activists plan to "die in" to call to attention the implications of the weapons manufacturing industry. The demonstration is to protest a CEO Forum at the New England Center that will highlight the Director of Targeting Solutions from BAE systems, a major weapons manufacturer. The forum is open to UNH business majors who are searching for job opportunities.


This demonstration is to ensure that the general public understands the relationship between UNH and BAE Systems, and the implications of the international arms trade. These groups aim to inform the UNH student community about BAE's involvement and funding to establish the BAE Systems Center for Advanced Technology at Kingsbury Hall, after which BAE has had concerning access to UNH students.

Left wing hate group members are ok... discussing employment with a company that makes weapons used to defend this country... bad!