You Get To Pay For Third World Abortions

Liberals must be rejoicing, now not only are Americans forced to pay for Abortions within this country but around the world as well.  Obama in one of his first moves after taking office struck down a Bush executive order so US tax dollars will be funeled out to other countries for the purpose of performing abortions.

I don't get liberal thinking at all, rough treatment of someone who has proven themselves to be dangerous and having a desire of wanting the rest of us dead is bad but yet forcing us to contribute to the taking of life of unborn babies is ok?

The AOL news story linked to above also has an interesting poll at the bottom regarding this issue.

Do you support Obama's decision on this policy?

No 55%
Yes 45%

104,059 polled at the time of this article

Over 55% of those polled object to being forced to contribute to overseas abortions yet we are forced anyway.  And I'm actually shocked that there are so many that actually support this.  If your one of the 45%, I would like to hear from you in the feedback... explain to me why you feel being forced against our will to take the lives of babies is a good thing.