When Does Obama Become Responsible?

At what point does Obama start to become responsible?  Here we are not 10 months into his presidency and things are not only not improving but getting worse and all we continue to hear from the left is finger pointing back to Bush.

Now mind you, the mortgage crisis and housing bubble were both being discussed in the late 1990s so the very worst Bush is to blame is failing to act when there were known problems but it's clear he didn't create the problem.

The blame game only goes so far though, when people begin losing their homes and economic problems continue to grow people no longer care who's responsible.  They just want results.

Enter Obama.  He promised hope and change and presented himself as the answer to all our problems.  He passed the largest spending increase in US history which he claimed would stimulate our country out of the recession and turn things around.  Here we are now 10 months after he took office and what results do we have to show for what he's done so far?

Foreclosures hit a record high with the worst 3 months of all time.

When the stimulus was presented to the public, team Obama released two sets of numbers along with it.  One showing how bad things would be if we did not pass the stimulus and one showing where we'd be if we did pass it.

His plan failed to provide the improvements he claimed we'd see.  In fact his plan failed to keep us where we'd be if we didn't pass it.  We are worse off now then what he claimed the worst case would be.  And now based on the report by CNN Money (Found HERE) we are hitting records for forecosures.

Despite concerted government-led and lender-supported efforts to prevent foreclosures, the number of filings hit a record high in the third quarter, according to a report issued Thursday.


The foreclosure crisis may not diminish anytime soon. "The fastest growing area is in the 180 days late-plus category, the most seriously delinquent borrowers," Sharga said. "It's going to be a lingering problem."

Plus, the RealtyTrac statistics may understate the depth of the foreclosure mess because lender and government actions have delayed many filings. As a result, some delinquencies have not been counted on the foreclosure tallies. That means the crisis may not end quickly.

In other words all Obama has done is swept things under the rug hopping new bubbles would form.  Folks, that's how we get into these problems in the first place.  That's how bubbles form.  Government artificially props up markets above and beyond where they should be and eventually as we're seeing now, those bubbles pop.  The problems we're seeing today were created by government.  More government will not solve them and we're seeing that now play out in real time.

The sooner we learn our lessen and the sooner we start demanding less government instead of more, the sooner things will begin to turn around for this country.

One side note to consider... do you honestly think that an administration that has not been able to deliver on fixing the true problems we have right now is the best group to put in charge of our health care?