Guatanamo Detainees Coming To A Town Near You

Amhest, Mass has officially opened its arms welcoming the detainees.

Town leaders in Amherst, Massachusetts, have endorsed an offer to make the college town a possible resettlement home for two detainees from the Guantanamo Bay prison. The resettlement resolution was approved by select board members in a 2-1 vote. Tonight, there is mixed reaction from those who call Amherst home.

The vote was 2 to 1 with two board members absent.

Interesting that this vote was taken with two members absent.  Hmmm.

The new Pioneer Valley chapter of the group No More Guantanamos is hoping two Guantanamo Bay Prison detainees, Ahmed Bel Bacha, of Algeria and Ravil Mingazov of Russia, will be able to resettle in town - if they are released from custody.

The important thing to note here is that neither of these two men are US citizens.  So why not send them back to their own countries?

We have thousands of people seeking to move to America every day, many of whom are productive skilled people who are forced to wait in lines to move (don't get me started on illegals who cut the line) here and we're going out of our way for suspected terrorists?

The article does go on to give some information about the two men in question.

Bel Bacha, who worked for the Algerian government and who was threatened by Islamic militants has been cleared by a US military panel.

Mingazov, was in the Russian military, converted to Islam, and was sought by the KGB, then later arrested in Pakistan. He has not been cleared, but has never been charged.

Here are a couple other key facts you should know about these two men that isn't listed in the Boston news story above:

Bel Bacha, the one who was cleared was captured in combat fighting on behalf of the Taliban.  He traveled to France in 2001 and obtained a false passport which he used to get into London and meet with the Finsbury Park Mosque.  That Mosque is where they found a "mini arsenal".  Bel admitted that his travel to Afghanistan was facilitated by that Mosque.  He also was known to have stayed at a Jalalsbad guest house where he received training on small arms, rifles and machine guns.

Ravil Mingazov likewise has an interesting past.  He traveled volentarily into Afghanistan in 2000 where he was known to have been in the training camp of the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan, a known terrorist group, where among other things he learned how to make explosives.  At the al Farouq camp where he also trained and listened to speeches from Usama Bin Laden he received training on explosives, chemicals, pistols and rifles.  He was known to be at the al Faroug camp on Sept 11, 2001.  He even openly defined himself as a "religous person who would fight for Islam".

These are the people our neighbors to the south describe in the Boston article by stating:

"They sound like two very fine guys. They would add to our community," said Amherst town meeting member Ruth Hooke.