Al Franken Tried Some Magic

Take a moment and watch the following video of Al Franken and before reading on see if you can catch his slight of hand.

Did you catch it?

He is attempting to show that in a government run health care system all our problems will just go away.  In Switzerland there are no bankruptcies filed as a direct result of health care because Switzerland has a 100% government run health care system.  It's hard to have a bankruptcy when the person receiving the treatment has no burden of the cost.

The real question here is WHO is paying and what are the results of their being saddled with the bill?

The fact is Switzerland as a country is going bankrupt.

In an interview with Swiss daily Tagesanzeiger, a well-known economist has warned that Switzerland risks bankruptcy, if the recent market turmoil centering on Eastern Europe is not contained quickly.  At issue are loans made in Swiss francs to Eastern European debtors.  With  many countries in the region falling into depression, currencies and asset prices are plunging. Therefore, debtors domiciled in Eastern Europe are increasingly expected to have difficulty with mounting foreign debt loads — and that spells trouble for Switzerland.

Is that the example Franken thinks we should follow?