NH Senate Says No To Relief For The Ill

Failing by just 2 votes, the NH Senate allowed the Govern Lynch veto of the law that would have allowed Marijuana to be used in NH as a medical treatment for the ill to stand.

Barnes, Jr., John Republican
17 Nay
Bradley, Jeb Republican
03 Nay
Bragdon, Peter Republican
11 Nay
Carson, Sharon Republican
14 Nay


DeVries, Betsi Democrat
18 Nay
Downing, Michael Republican
22 Nay


Gatsas, Theodore Republican
16 Nay


Letourneau, Robert Republican
19 Nay


Odell, Bob Republican
08 Nay


Roberge, Sheila Republican
09 Nay


These are the names of those state senators who feel it is more important to punish someone for a victimless crime then providing relief to people suffering from illnesses.

What troubles me the most here are the numbers of republicans.  Now before anyone gets into a republican vs democrat debate, that's clearly not the case.  The argument for legalization is showing itself to be a non partisan issue after all it was Lynch who vetoed it in the first place.

That said however, republicans are the party who claim to represent individual responsibility and individual liberty.  They are the ones who stand up for personal choice over government forcing things on you for your own good.  For these nine republicans to disallow this personal freedom is the height of hypocrisy.

I would hope that other true Republicans who do support personal freedom and personal liberty and who agree with me that government should stop wasting the labor of others to punish victimless crimes will join me in contacting these senators and explain to them that this is not what the Republican party stands for.  We are not the party of punishing the ill for what comes down to a morality issue.