Democrats Play Politics With Our Troops

The Democrats in DC once again out did themselves using the support of our troops as a way to promote their legislation and play politics.  In the 2010 defense authorization bill Nancy Pelosi and company choose to tie in their Hate Crimes Prevention Act which had zero to do with the defense of our country or our troops.

Now when Republicans vote against this pork laden bill, and rightly so.

In an article found HERE they describe the provision as follows.

The bill makes illegal, for the first time, hate crimes based on sexual orientation, adding it to race and gender as factors in Justice Department prosecutions.

What does this have to do with our troops?


Democrats choosing to tie this into a defense bill to fund our troops on the ground is nothing short of a political stunt to put Republicans in an attempted damned if you do, damned if you don't situation.

It's sad that they'd use our troops in this way to force in a political agenda they would rather not have to defend on its own.

One additional point to consider, reading the above description is it now going to be illegal for a business to refuse to hire someone who is admitted pedophile?

Concerned Women for American believes it would.

"The Defense Authorization bill should fund our national defense.  Period.  This 'hate crimes' provision grants special rights to certain political groups and could give cover to criminal behavior.  This exploitation of a bill to fund our national defense shamelessly places homosexual groups' demands equal to or more important than our military," stated Wendy Wright, President of Concerned Women for America.

"'Hate crime' laws unduly expand the federal government.  These crimes are already fully prosecuted by the states.  'Hate crime' laws allow prosecution for the same act twice, violating the Constitutional protection against Double Jeopardy.  It creates a class of 'special' preferred victims, denying equal protection to other victims.  It could cover every kind of sexual behavior, granting protected status even for pedophiles.  And homosexual activists admit the whole effort is a scam to raise money and political power," Wright noted.

"Mary Stachowicz was brutally raped, stabbed and strangled to death by a homosexual man. Yet under this provision, this grandmother would be treated as less of a victim than an adult homosexual man who accuses a grandmother of swatting him."

Perhaps that's the reason they would rather not have to debate this bill on it's own merit.