What's The Goal Of The 420 Protests?

I thought everyone was pushing for the same goal in regards to legalization of marijuana but I'm starting to realize that I may have been wrong on that belief.

There is a growing conflict between two groups who one would think want the same goal, the 420 protesters and those involved in legislative action such as the bill currently being discussed to legalize marijuana use in NH for the ill.  It has come out that some legislators are looking for justification so they can vote against this bill to help the ill who would otherwise find comfort from using the drug in their treatment.  They are pointing to the 420 protests and attempting to use that as reason to vote against helping the sick.  Now thinking people can clearly understand that this reasoning is foolish but never the less they are hinting they will use that to justify their denying the ill.

As a result of this Matt Simon and others involved in the work in the state house to get this bill passed have asked the protestors to just cool it until after the 28th public hearing.  Now I agree with the 420 protestors that clearly anyone who would use their protests as reason to shoot down a bill for the ill is going to find some other equally obscure and wrong headed reason but why give them a reason?  Let them stretch and pick some other reason so obscure that no one would see it as justified.

But ok, there are those who either don't feel the protests will change anything one way or the other and those who actually think it will help show that there is an overwhelming number of people who support legalization.  If they truly think they are making a difference for the better then so be it, but there are also those who don't care if they hurt the cause Matt and others are working on.

In a recent discussion about the bill one member of the 420 group flat out said to Matt, "I hope your bill fails".  I can't respect that behavior.  We're all trying to reach the same goal here to end the wasteful drug war punishing people for victimless crimes and creating a funding mechanism for criminal gangs.  Why take the adversarial approach to wish the other side fails?

I do understand that sometimes while people claim to want the same end goal they truly cannot agree on the method of reaching that goal and sometimes methods conflict with one another but is that reason to wish the other side fails in their attempts?  And for what end would wishing this bill fail bring to further your own goal?

Personally I'm of the opinion that the 420 protests will not impact the bill one way or the other but I'm willing to support Matt's request if it means winning a battle that could be a major turning point in the over all war for this cause but alas, I'm not showing up at the 420 protests.