Christmas Time Is Nearly Here

I was listening today about stories already surfacing about schools seeking to ban any mention of the word Christmas.  One school plans to open a special gift store where students can buy gifts for people in the month of December but they are forbidden from having any Christmas items in the store or mention Christmas in any way.  The profits of this non Christmas Christmas store of course goes to the school.  But that's just one of the many stories already surfacing this year.

My question is this, with the economy in the toilet and Christmas being the time when people typically buy gifts for one another, the exact thing the economy needs right now, shouldn't we all embrace the spirit of Christmas and the spirit of giving in order to give our country's economy the boost it needs?  Shouldn't we actively strive to put Christmas first and formost on everyone's mind considering it is celebrated in some way by 95% of Americans?

Heck, I think not only should we all wish each other a Merry Christmas every chance we get but we should encourage people to give gifts not only to their own families but to those in need.  Everyone reading this, here's my challenge to you, find a shelter, food bank or just a family in need and buy them something for Christmas.  It could be something small or something large.  Go to the Salvation Army's website found HERE and adopt an angel and give to a child in need.  Or here's an idea, find the family of veterans currently deployed overseas and get them something, anything however small or large, as a way of saying thank you for your families sacrifice.

Maybe by putting each other in our thoughts and efforts we can begin to turn this country around.