Quick Everyone Focus on Grok

Doug Lambert said something stupid, he in turn apologized for it, but yet NH Democrats will not let it drop.  Even after he stepped down from writing for the Grok website he continues to remain the focus of NH Democrats.  What makes this mostly insignificant man writing for a site that the vast majority of people in NH most likely never heard of the focus of so much attention?

I can think of only one reason... distraction!

Democrats control all branches of NH government, they control all branches of the federal government and they have nothing to brag about.  The economy is in the toilet and blaming Bush only goes so far before people expect results.  The president has fumbled in every which way possible such as in Japan where even some of their own papers refused to print pictures showing him bowing because it was viewed as an embarrassment.  The health care plan is growing less and less popular the more people learn about it.  Huge tea parties are popping up around the country in protest to the record level spending.  Even here at the state level the democrats find themselves deeper and deeper in the hole of out of control spending.  And then there's the wars, Democrats blasted Bush for the past few years over the unpopular war in Iraq and claimed they would be the answer to getting us out.  Since controlling senate and congress since 2006 nothing has changed and Obama's support of his handling of the wars sinks lower and lower with every poll taken.

The Democrats are by all means failing.

They won elections by blasting Bush and running against Bush and everything he did but now they have nothing to offer.  Controlling everything leaves them with nothing to run against, they have to run on their own and show what they've accomplished which is nothing, in fact it's less then nothing because everything they've touched so far has gotten worse.

This leaves them having to invent something to run against.  They attempted to cry racist at every turn but found that true independents who are growing more and more upset do not like to be referred to as racist, especially when some of them voted for Obama in the first place.  Then they tried claiming scare tactics at every turn claiming republicans were trying to scare people.  That didn't hold up when republicans were able to point to specific pages in the health care bill and actual facts backing up their claims.

So along comes Doug.  He said something stupid and did so in the right place at the right time and can be linked even if in minor ways to some of the people who currently pose the biggest threats to NH Democrats.

He's all they have right now and as long as they can keep the focus on him for his boneheaded statement they keep the focus off their own failures and unpopular actions.